Breed Snapshot: Breed Snapshot: Mr. Personality

The Highlander uses its charm and gift for gab to remain the center of attention.

Jazz takes every opportunity to chat with his owner, breeder Cheryl Hague of Crown Point, Ind. The topic of conversation doesn’t seem to matter to the male Highlander cat. He enjoys “talking” about almost everything, a mannerism he shares with other cats of this engaging breed, Hague says.

“Highlanders are highly intelligent, sensitive cats, and whether they can actually understand human language or not, they sure make it seem as though they do,” she says. “They have the endearing trait of always talking back in a very conversational ‘voice’ whenever you talk to them. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Highlander!”

Although she and Jazz may not speak the same language, Hague values the breed’s unique personality.

“Loyalty, devotion, sweetness, intelligence, compassion and a sense of humor are the hallmarks of the Highlander,” she says. “This is a breed that steals your heart and never lets it go.”

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