Breed Profile: Something Special

The beautiful smoke and shaded Persian will take your breath away.

While staying in a hotel for a cat show, cat breeder Tracy Bayarena left Tiny Tim alone for just a short period of time, but that was enough. Tim, it seems, figured out how to turn on the shower — full blast and hot. The situation was discovered just before the water overflowed the tub and flooded the bathroom.

“And we were not on the bottom floor,” Bayarena says. “Tim was soaking wet. Had it been just a few minutes longer the room would have been flooded. But Tim is always getting into trouble. I always have to watch him. He’s a big clown.”

Tim is an example of exactly how charming a Persian can be. Sometimes described as “couch potatoes” by those who don’t know the breed well, Persians are hardly the type of cat to race up the drapes or leap onto the refrigerator, but that doesn’t mean they’re dull by any stretch. They just don’t like to overexert themselves.

**Get the June 2010 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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