Brazil Lost Huge Swaths of Coral Reefs in the Last 50 Years

Report blames lime extraction and urban and industrial pollution for 80 percent decline in country's coral reefs.

Written by
John Virata

Brazil has lost about 80 percent of its coral reefs over the last 50 years according to a report from the the country’s Federal University of Pernambuco and environment ministry. According to the report, lime extraction and pollution from urban and industrial complexes are the main culprits to the decline in the country’s coral reefs, as well as excessive fishing and rising waters.

The researchers, led by Professor Beatrice Padovani, also gives blame to rising ocean temperatures and El Niño weather patterns. The data in which the report was based on has been collected since 2002. It details the presence of coral reefs along approximately 2,000 kilometers of coast in the northeastern region of the country.

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