Brave Cat Becomes First Feline To Win ‘National Hero Dog’ Award

A tabby cat named Tara earned the spcaLA's National Hero Dog award after saving a young boy from a dog attack.

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Tara, the most heroic of dogs. Via spcaLA

When is a hero dog not a hero dog? When she’s a hero cat, instead.

Tara, a beautiful, brave Tabby from Bakersfield, California, became the first non-canine to win SPCA Los Angeles’ annual National Hero Dog award. She earned her trophy (and her fetching blue bandanna) by saving her owners’ 5-year-old son from a vicious dog attack last year.

Tara had been outside with young Jeremy Triantafilo when the neighbor’s dog broke free, ran into the yard and bit the boy’s leg. Tara immediately charged the dog, causing him to remove his teeth from Jeremy’s leg.

“We were so impressed by Tara’s bravery and fast action that the selection committee decided that a cat this spectacular should be the National Hero Dog,” spcaLA President Madeline Bernstein said in a statement.

The entire incident was captured by the Triantafilos’ security cameras and Tara became an overnight sensation. Check out the video below to see courageous cat in action.

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