Brave Bunny Completes A Quest In Game-Teaser Video

This rabbit has the right video game-stuff to face down mortal danger and earn an amazing prize.

rabbit in robe standing by rock
Via Mr. TVCow/YouTube 
The brave rabbit continues his quest alone, but finds some help along the way.

You think you’ve got problems? Try being a fluffy bunny in a world populated by evil magic users, spiders the size of cars and sword-wielding skeletons. That’s what the bunny in this video must overcome, but life in his crazy world does have some perks. He has some pretty awesome magical powers and gets to hitch a ride with some sort of caribou-type animal and some type of giant eagle. 

The video is titled Epic Bunny’s Adventure, and the name fits. Besides showcasing great special effects that mix real world with game world, who wouldn’t love a video of a rabbit dressed in a wizard’s robe with a traveling pouch?

The video is made by YouTuber Mr. TVCow — the same person who brought the world “Assassin’s Kittens Unity” nine months ago. That video has more than 10 million views. The channel started in October 2013 and is self-described as “crazy VFX videos and gamer comedy.” It delivers on both claims, which is probably why it has more than 300,000 subscribers (and growing). 

Epic Bunny’s Adventure is the 21st video, and it also features a couple of kittens and cat in cameo roles.  I was really impressed with the rabbit. I don’t know how many takes were needed, but the rabbit really seemed to be hitting marks and going on an epic journey. I loved, loved, loved the scene of him camping. Flying on the bird was also pretty amazing. The final scene? I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say it was worth the wait.

It looks like this might be the first time Mr. TVCow has made a trailer for a video game, as “Forsaken World Mobile” is thanked at the end, and won’t be released until July 23. I’ll probably check it out just to see if there is a bunny! 
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