Brave Bulldog Protects Owner From Man On Murderous Crime Spree

Adra Wilson's Bulldog bit the man several times, preventing him from reaching her hiding place.

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The Wilson family's heroic Bulldog protected his owner from a man police say was on a violent crime spree. Via 11 Alive

Eric Wilson is crediting his family’s Bulldog with protecting his wife when a man, who police say was on a violent crime spree, broke into their Atlanta, Georgia, home, 11 Alive reports.

The suspect, later identified as Donte Wyatt, had already allegedly stabbed his estranged wife and murdered another Atlanta resident by the time he reached the Wilsons’ home, according to the Atlanta news station. Adra Wilson was upstairs when she heard him enter the house. But before Wyatt could make it up the stairs, the Blue Blood Bulldog took control, biting him several times and preventing him from reaching Adra.

“He just basically acted as a deterrent, and kept the intruder from coming upstairs,” Eric told 11 Alive.

Wyatt attempted to hide in the basement of the Wilsons’ home, but after the police threw tear gas in his direction, he ran out of the house and was taken into custody, 11 Alive reports. Adra was unharmed and she very possibly has one brave dog to thank.

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