World’s Best Boyfriend Builds Wheelchair For Girlfriend’s Disabled Dog

With a costly surgery out of the question, James Paniagua used his creative mind to help his girlfriend’s dog.

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Little Benny is getting around easier these days thanks to his new set of wheels.

When Benito the dog stop walking suddenly, his owner was at a loss what to do.

The Victorville, California, woman couldn’t afford an MRI to find out what was wrong with her pup nor the up to $8,000 the vet told her it may cost for surgery, CBS Los Angeles reports.

So like a hero, the woman’s boyfriend, James Paniagua, decided to create a way for the 3-year-old Pomeranian/Poodle mix to get around without having to drag his hind legs.

“I started off by Google searching ‘dog do-it-yourself wheelchair,’” Paniagua, who lives in nearby Barstow, told the news station. “I said, ‘You know, that looks simple enough and you only need a couple pieces to it so why not? Let’s try it out.’”

Let's do this! Benito - who goes by Benny - gets strapped into his new "hind legs." Via CBSLA

Let’s do this! Benito, who goes by Benny, gets strapped into his new “hind legs.” Via CBSLA

The 22-year-old put his creative mind to work and with some PVC pipes and straps that cost him $40 and about four hours labor, Paniagua created a wheelchair for Benito, who goes by Benny.

The YouTube video posted above captures one of the adorable pup’s early strolls around the house and shows how well the DIY wheelchair works (although backing up when one of the wheelchair pipes hits a wall does require a little human help).

“He looks a little more mobile and has a different attitude when in there as opposed to when he’s just dragging along,” Paniagua, who plans on making a few changes to the wheelchair, told CBSLA. “These dogs, they’re animals, but at the same time, they’re a part of the family.”

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