Little Boy Desperately Tries To Corral A Bunch Of Curious Kittens

Guys, we have a situation! A little boy tries his hardest to keep five kittens on a blanket, but they keep running away and causing "situations."

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Oof, there goes another "situation!"
Chrissa Hardy

When kittens start running wild, it becomes a real situation.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by The Home T, a little boy attempts to keep five adorable kittens on one blanket. The problem is that these kittens are curious, and as soon as he puts one down, they run back onto the grass.

After each kitten stumbles away, the boy gets a little concerned and starts labeling each kitten a “situation.” When two run away, he has “two situations.”

He finally gets four of the five on the blanket at the same time when his parents tell him that the fifth is crying in the bushes. As soon as he discovers kitten No. 5, one of the others runs off the blanket.

This situation will never end. Godspeed, little man.

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