We All Want To Be This Boy Getting Tackled By Puppies

Being tackled by three puppies and covered in puppy kisses isn't a bad way to spend the day.

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What more do you need? Via jhindshillman/Instagram

The only thing better than getting covered in kisses by a puppy… is getting covered in kisses by three puppies, all at once.

In a video uploaded to Instagram by user jhindshillman, a little boy gets the best surprise ever, when his mom presents him with three new puppy pals, instead of just the one puppy he expected.

Via jhindshillman/Instagram

This is heaven, right here. Via jhindshillman/Instagram

The boy’s reaction is the exact same reaction we would all have in this situation: limitless glee.

He giggles and wiggles, much like the puppies do, and when he moves to a different position, the tiny dogs follow and continue to climb all over him.

Via jhindshillman/Instagram

There’s no love quite like this. Via jhindshillman/Instagram

Talk. About. JEALOUS.

This kid is living his best life.

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