Boxers and Boys

Prospective Boxer owner wonders if the breed is right for her two young sons.

Q. I have two sons, ages 10 and 4. We want to get a Boxer puppy. Are my boys too young for a puppy, or do you recommend another breed?

A. Boxers make wonderful family pets. They typically love children and are sturdy enough to tolerate boisterous play. However, they are also highly energetic dogs that could easily knock over your 4-year-old son in their exuberance. A dog of a smaller breed, on the other hand, could get hurt if a child squeezes it too hard, drops it on the ground or steps on it.

All young children should be supervised when they play with dogs. Parents need to teach kids to be respectful of dogs as well as teach dogs not to nip or jump.

If you have the time and the will to commit to such supervision, then by all means go forward and contact your local Boxer club to find a reputable breeder or rescue group in your area.

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