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Boxer Group Donates $50,000 to Dog Health Studies

The American Boxer Club donates to the Canine Health Foundation.

The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (CHF) recently received $50,000 from the American Boxer Club and its sister organization the American Boxer Charitable Foundation.

“We are once again astonished and amazed at the Boxer Club and the Charitable Foundation’s generosity toward canine health,” said Wayne Ferguson, CHF president.

“Two years ago, a Boxer named Tasha donated her DNA to the sequencing of the canine genome and now we have the fundamental tool needed to produce the results we need to help our dogs live longer and stronger. We are so fortunate to partner with this amazing parent club and its sister foundation as we work toward healthier lives for our dogs.”

The organization’s total giving to CHF is more than $500,000.

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