Boxer Fights Bedtime Like Every Other Kid On Planet

Do they make "Go The F*** To Sleep" for dogs?

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Boxer bedtime battle begins. Via roxannetmiller/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

Every night, there is a kid who wants to stay up later than she’s supposed to. And every night, there’s a parent trying to talk her into it.

Apparently this is true for dog kids, too, if a recent video posted to Rumble by user roxannetmiller proves anything. The debate that breaks out between a white Boxer and his owner will sound familiar to moms and dads of young ones everywhere.

“Why don’t you just go to bed?” the dog’s owner asks. “If you’re tired, go to bed.”

“Howrrrrrrrummmm,” the dog says.

“I’m not ready to go to bed.”


“If you’re that tired, you go to bed. K? Just go to bed.”


“You don’t have to get ugly. You go lie down.”


“That’s a good pup.”

It’s a routine we bet these two go through often. Typical kid.

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