Born to Run

The statuesque Whippet has incredible eyesight and energy to match.

When Popcorn went home with Cindy S. at age 10 weeks, the little blue-brindle-and-white Whippet puppy walked boldly into the house, confidently greeted the resident Great Pyrenees and two German Shepherd Dogs, then proceeded to fly through every room like he owned the place.

“We named him Popcorn because of the way he always bounces around,” says Cindy, president of the American Whippet Club.
“I used to think Whippets were spindly, wimpy little dogs, but they act more like terriers — just the happiest, most energetic little things in the world.”

That night, Cindy and her husband let the whimpering puppy under the bedcovers. “He slept there for the next 15 years,” she says.

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