Brilliant Border Collie Jumps Rope With Kids In Brazil

A Border Collie took a moment to school some kids in the art of jumping rope in Brazil.

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And now... a dog jumping rope with some kids. #Squee
Chrissa Hardy

There is no limit to what a determined Border Collie can accomplish. They are a breed known for their brilliance, energy and tenacity, and they can do anything us humans can do (well, almost).

This became especially evident when a Border Collie decided to jump rope with a few kids in Brazil and the video was uploaded to YouTube by DailyVideoDose.

 Via DailyVideoDose/YouTube

This pup’s got MOVES. Via DailyVideoDose/YouTube

The dog keeps pace with the kids jumping rope, which is all the more impressive, considering the dog has double the legs of a child.

And if you assumed that eventually the dog would get tired and bail on the cardio sesh before the kids, you’d be wrong.

Via DailyVideoDose/YouTube

“Gettin’ tired back there? Because I could do this ALL DAY.” Via DailyVideoDose/YouTube

The dog’s energy is unwavering, and if this turned into a jump rope marathon after the camera stopped rolling, then our money would be on the dog to be the last one jumping.

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