Book Celebrates ‘Farm Dogs’

Hardworking farm dogs star in full-color, oversized book.

Today, it’s easy to forget that dogs once played important roles in American commerce. Our currently pampered canine friends might be hard-pressed to put in a day’s work to earn their keep by rounding up cattle, herding sheep, catching vermin, or even guarding property.

Now the writing of Carol Davis and photography of Norvia Behling (a regular contributor to DOG FANCY magazine) come together in “Farm Dogs” from MBI Publishing to take a look at the work of dogs on today’s farm and ranches.

Large, beautiful photographs are the centerpiece of this book, but it also takes a broad look at the kinds of dogs that still live on farms and ranches, and the very real work that they do every day.

A brief history of a few breeds used for such work will help regular dog owners understand some of the traits and behaviors they see in their own dogs.

The work of the dogs is explored in chapters titled, “FarmCollies,” Sheep Dogs,” “Cow Dogs,’ and “Livestock Guardian Dogs.”

But it’s the photos that shine in this title, making it a book you’ll want to flip through again and again.

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