Bonding With A Sugar Glider

Follow these steps to bond with a new sugar glider.

To begin bonding with a sugar glider, slowly introduce a training schedule.

Pocket Time
Start with “pocket time.” Place the sugar glider in a closed “bonding pouch” (available from sugar glider product supplies) secured to your chest like a shirt pocket. Or, you can use the strings that come on the pouches to tie the pouch around your neck. You can also use your shirt pocket if the pocket is large enough to hold the sugar glider. Close the pouch or pocket with safety pins until the sugar glider learns to stay inside.

Carrying the sugar glider in a pouch or your pocket enables your small pet to become familiar with your voice. Start with two sessions a day and work up to four sessions, starting in the middle of the afternoon before your sugar glider’s regular nocturnal playtime begins. Handling sessions should last a maximum of two to four hours each. Your sugar glider will learn to sleep in your pocket or pouch once it becomes comfortable with handling sessions. After every session, allow your pet at least two hours in its cage so it can eat and drink.

Sense Of Smell
You can also encourage bonding by helping your sugar glider get used to your smell. A small piece of cloth that has been worn close to your body should be placed in the nest box or nest pouch inside the sugar glider’s cage.

Make sure your sugar glider has quiet time in the bonding pouch to nap or rest. This helps build inner security and allows for a smoother transition to hand training. Soon, your pet will be comfortable hanging out both in the bonding pouch and in your hand.

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