Bond Villain Cat Wants a Place to Call Home and His Very Own Nemesis

Cat who looks like Blofeld from Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" has hard time finding home despite sweet disposition.

Nelson, a ginger tomcat residing at Cats Protection in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, UK, is sweet, charming and handsome. Yet something prevents him from finding a home. Quite possibly, it’s due to his resemblance to the Bond character Blofeld, which has been putting off potential adopters.

Found abandoned in a parking lot with a scratched cornea, Nelson’s eye injury grew progressively worse by the day, leaving him with limited vision in his left eye, and a permanent Blofeld-esque hair-free scar over the eye.


Although rescue workers noticed Nelson’s good heart and sweet disposition, as opposed to the Blofeld resemblance, a visitor to the organization’s branch mentioned it in passing, and it has since been credited as the reason for Nelson not having yet found a furever home.

“He does look like Blofeld, although I never made the connection until someone said it,” Nicole Parish, welfare officer of the charity’s Chilterns branch told The Daily Mail about the cat. “He’s an adorable cat, I personally think he just looks very oddly cute. I think it makes him unique and I hope it will make someone want him even more. A lot more people want kittens now and I think that makes it harder to home older cats.”

As a refresher, Blofeld was the white-cat-toting baddie played by Donald Pleasance in the 1967 Bond film “You Only Live Twice.” The supervillain then appeared in the 1969 film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (sans trademark Blofeld scar; played by Telly Savalas). It is said that the Blofeld character will be reintroduced in the next Bond film.

Nelson is neutered and currently up for adoption through Cats Protection in the U.K. For the record, if Nelson were stateside, we’d totally be lining up to take him home!

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