Bold & Beautiful

The Chow Chow is a noble guardian who needs a strong leader.

J.R. seemed a little off the day of the dog show, as Michael B. of Texas, was working on the dog’s championship title. Nonetheless, Michael asked him to go out and put on a show.

“I looked in his eyes, and he went out and gave his very best.” The dog strutted out of the ring with the top award, says Michael, president of The Chow Chow Club Inc. Four-year-old J.R. was later diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, an infection transmitted by ticks.


That kind of loyalty draws Chow Chow lovers to the breed, and keeps them coming back for more. “When I’m with my Chows, I feel totally safe,” says Kathy B. of California, a 40-year breeder and American Kennel Club judge. “I know they’d protect me and defend me.”


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