Bob Barker Testifies for Mandatory Dog Neutering

Retired host visits Chicago to argue in favor of proposed legislation.

Bob Barker, the retired host of “The Price is Right,” testified in favor of mandatory neutering for dogs and cats at a recent hearing at Chicago City Hall, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

“When we come to this wall, which is seemingly impossible to get over, the only answer is legislation. . . . The movement for spay and neuter legislation is sweeping across this country. It’s been compared to a tsunami,” Barker told the council, noting that Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio have passed similar mandates.

“It will help the animals themselves. It will prevent tremendous animal suffering. But beyond that, it will save taxpayers in Chicago thousands, millions of dollars probably,” he said.

Several council members disagreed with Barker.

“I don’t like when government gets involved in everything to try to solve problems. We’re starting with pets. . . . What happens with irresponsible parents — mothers and fathers [who] are having children out there that aren’t doing their job, either? What’s the next step? You have to be careful,” said Alderman Ray Suarez.

The city council chamber was packed with dog lovers who gave the 84-year-old witness a standing ovation. Barker seemed pleased by the response.

“The thing I miss most about ‘The Price is Right’ is the applause. No. I’ll correct that,” Barker deadpanned. “The thing I miss most about ‘The Price is Right’ is the money!”

Bob Barker, who signed off each “The Price is Right” episode with a signature phrase: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed and neutered,” is a longtime animal advocate.

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