The Blueboys, Darren And Phillip, Are The World’s Cutest Staffordshire Terriers

You have never seen a pair of Staffordshire Terriers this snuggly and sweet. Darren and Phillip are a couple of charmers.

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Get ready to fall madly in love with these two. Via The Blueboys/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Your heart is about to be captured by two very snuggly dogs of the same breed.

Darren and Phillip, aka The Blueboys, are a pair of English Staffordshire Terriers living in Brisbane, Australia, and they’re currently basking in the warm glow of Internet fame.

Darren, 4, and Phillip, 3, are owned by Jennifer McLean, who created a Facebook page and Instagram account featuring the two onesie-wearing pooches as a way to showcase their overwhelming sweetness and dispel myths and stereotypes about the breed being vicious, according to the Brisbane Times. The Blueboys have more than 39,000 followers on Instagram and more than 5,000 likes on Facebook.

“They’re just the most loving dogs and I’m passionate about the breed,” McLean told the Brisbane Times about her beloved pups. “They’re really good mates, they’re joined at the hip, they follow each other around constantly.”

Here are some of their sweetest moments together.

A nice day for a BFF hike in the woods.

Philips Diary: Sunday morning, 6am. Buried under feather down quilt, perfectly snuggled up with my nose in the space between Mums neck and the pillow. Mum jumps out of bed. I count her footsteps to check if she’s just going to the bathroom, but the footsteps went further. Out into the lounge, until BAM! A ray of light piercing through my tired eyes. She’s turned the light on. Could it be.. No…. She’s putting on her shoes. I’m starting to fear the unthinkable whilst telling myself it’s just a dream. I remain very still in bed. I hear her thudding around the house and then to my complete devastation she’s shouted what I knew all along was coming. The dreaded WALKIEEEESSSS! Darren leaps off the bed like a lion pouncing on its prey, waking up Dad, who at this point becomes my only hope of staying in bed. I look to him, and he looks back. For a second I relax as he places his hand heavily on my head. Phew, I’m safe. Until I hear a loud CLICK in my ear drum. The collar has been put on my neck whilst in my very own bed! I’m devastated. Dad jumps out of bed and that’s when I realise it’s not just a dream. Before I know it I’m being forced to battle the cold winter morning. I’m numb. My paws move on the cold road one in front of the other… Could this be the worst Sunday of my life? #thestruggleisrealfolks

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These Staffys are ready for a swim.

Couldn’t be a better start to the year. Best day with my loves ❤️ A photo posted by D A R R E N & P H I L L I P (@the_blueboys) on

Rainy day fun. Also, THOSE BOOTS.

☔️ playing in the rain is fun! But not that fun. Get us back inside on your bed stat! And put the kettle on were freezing!

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We mean…

Is there anything more wonderful than pups wearing PJs? Yes, pups in PJs who are also snuggling.

And they LOVE sports.


The boys watching the telly intently waiting for the first match of the season. #COYB #blueblood #efc #everton #staffies


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But not as much as they love each other.

The derp and the sloth take on winter. #youredoingitright

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McLean even created a calendar using photos of Darren and Phillip, which raised $2,500 in funds for the Queensland Staffy and Amstaff Rescue, the Brisbane Times reports. She’s currently working on another for 2016.

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