Blue-Headed Pionus Parrot Determined Not To Be Video Star

My Pionus parrot is not ready for his close-up. I just bought a Flip Camcorder and have used it on the two pet dogs and my blue-headed Pionus parrot, Deacon. The two pet cockatiels are next to be video victims.

As you can see from this video, Deacon, who can be downright chatty when my husband and I try sleep in, refused to talk, preen, stretch, whistle or pretty much do anything when the camera was aimed at him.

One rule of being a part of my pet household is that pets must be able to strike a pose at any minute. Deacon is definitely not afraid of the camera. He doesn’t react like my pet dogs do — where they act like the camera is sucking their soul out of their body. But he is definitely not ready to be in pictures.

My Pionus does love to watch videos of other people’s pet parrots on though. He definitely gets a kick out of that.

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