Blue Dwarf Snakehead Fish Discovered In India

The blue dwarf snakehead is an air breather that can survive on land for up to four days.

The dwarf walking snakehead was discovered in West Bengal, India.

World Wildlife Fund researchers have published Hidden Himalayas; Asia’s Wonderland. The volume details new species discoveries from 2009-2014 and the latest, from India, is a dwarf walking snakehead fish (Channa andrao). The strikingly colored fish is a vibrant blue in coloration and is different from all other snakehead species currently known due its color pattern, number of vertebrae, dorsal and anal fins rays and its lateral line scales. It was collected in West Bengal in India.

According to WWF researchers, the dwarf snakehead can be found in clear water shallow streams, pools and swamps. A notable trait with this particular fish is it breathes air in spite of the fact that it has gills, and it can survive on land for up to four days. It can move up to 1/4 mile on wet land as it searches for a new body of water.

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