Blocked At City Hall, NFL Player Moves Wedding To Dog-Friendly Venue

Baltimore Ravens Center Jeremy Zuttah's Pit Bull walked down the aisle per the couple's wishes on their wedding day.

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Jeremy Zuttah and his wife Haile Heran got the wedding of their dreams, which included Ace, the Pit Bull they rescued while they were in college. Via jzutt53/Instagram and Arin Greenwood/YouTube
John Virata

Baltimore Ravens Center Jeremy Zuttah and his girlfriend, Haile Heran, wanted their Pit Bull rescue, Ace, to be the best dog at their wedding so much that they moved their wedding venue to make it happen.

The couple had originally planned to get married at city hall but had to find a new venue after they were told pets are not allowed in the building, WJZ Baltimore reports.

After ditching their original plan, the NFL player and his fiancée enlisted the help of an event organizer to turn a gym into the perfect wedding venue.

The couple got married in June, with Ace by their side.

Ace walked down the aisle as best dog, decked out in a doggy tuxedo, with his tail wagging the entire time. He was thrilled to be in attendance to see his two best friends tie the knot, as seen in a video posted to YouTube.

Ace was rescued by the couple nearly eight years ago when they attended Rutgers University and has been a constant presence in their now busy lives.

The couple are advocates for pet adoption, and both spend their free time advocating for issues that affect animals. Zuttah has appeared with Ace on the Show Your Soft Side animal advocacy campaign in Baltimore and on Facebook, so it’s no surprise that Ace was the best dog at this couple’s wedding.

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