Blind Pit Bull Found Alone On California Park Bench Needs A Home

Poly, who has a number of other medical issues, has been at a Santa Barbara, California, shelter for a month.

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Poly has been at the California shelter since late September. Via

A 3-year-old Pit Bull has been at Santa Barbara County Animal Services in Santa Barbara, California, for almost a month and, sadly, that situation isn’t unusual. What makes Poly special — and what makes her story even more tragic — is that the young dog is completely blind.

An animal control officer found her alone on a park bench on Sept. 28, 2015, and she has been at the shelter ever since.

According to the shelter, no one has come forward as her owner and, so far, no one has adopted her — although a recent Facebook update suggests that she might be placed with a rescue group soon.

In addition to her blindness, Poly has several other serious medical conditions.

Poly will need to be placed with a rescue organization before she can be adopted. Via Santa Barbara County Animal Services/Facebook

Poly will need medical treatment before she can be adopted. Via Santa Barbara County Animal Services/Facebook

“She also has a grade 4 out of 6 heart murmur (which is pretty high),” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “In addition she has swollen lymph nodes and enlarged mammary glands, which are concerning.”

She is also receiving treatment for a skin infection and will need X-rays, blood work and to have her heart examined before she is “fully adoptable.”

Despite those very real obstacles, shelter staff said that they have been overwhelmed with support for (and questions about) this beautiful girl. If anyone is interested in adopting Poly, despite her long list of medical issues, they are encouraged to call 805-681-4332 or email

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