Blind Kitten Has His Own Seeing-Eye Cat

A blind kitten named Blinkin' has his own seeing-eye cat named Hefty, and they need a forever home.

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Four eyes, two hearts, can't lose. Via Imgur
Chrissa Hardy

A blind kitten has found a friend for life AND a guide in his very special kitten buddy.

Blinkin’ is a grey and white kitten who was born blind, and Hefty is a fluffy black kitten who instantly shared a bond with Blinkin’ and has become his seeing-eye cat.

Very proud pals. Via Imgur

Very proud pals. Via Imgur

They met at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in Aiken, South Carolina, where they are available for adoption. The shelter has been documenting their adorable friendship and daily antics on Imgur, and it’s nothing short of extreme cuteness.

Hefty's always got his eye on Blinkin'. Via Imgur

Hefty’s always got his eye on Blinkin’. Via Imgur

The shelter is trying to adopt them out as a pair, since Blinkin’ has come to rely on Hefty, and because they are the ultimate feline BFFs.

If you’re looking to add two cats into your family, visit the SPCA Albrecht Center’s website.

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