Blind Dog Poly To Live Out Few Remaining Years In Loving Foster Home

Doctors have given Poly the blind Pit Bull a tragically short life expectancy, so she will be spending her remaining years with her new foster family.

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Poly's doctors estimate that she has no more than two years left to live. Via Poly-Blind Pibble/Facebook

Poly, the blind Pit Bull who broke our collective hearts when she was abandoned on a California park bench, has found a home. But that news is beyond bittersweet, because her new home will be more of “a hospice situation,” according to Good Morning America.

Poly’s doctors have given the 3-year-old dog between two months and two years to live, and her remaining time will be spent with her new foster family.

“Her activities are limited, but there’s lots of loving and hugging and petting,” Jennifer Wales, the founder of Foreverhome Pet Rescue told Good Morning America. “Mostly napping.”

Foreverhome Pet Rescue is the organization that took Poly in after she was found and eventually placed her in her current foster home.

Poly has a host of medical issues, including everything from a skin condition to a congenital heart defect that, according to her Facebook page, is going to require surgery to repair her heart valves. Sadly, Poly does have some heart issues that cannot be fixed, problems that have contributed to her tragically short life expectancy.

Dear Diary,I found out last week from the heart doctor that my heart is broken. I am gonna have an operation to help…

Posted by Poly – Blind Pibble on Friday, November 13, 2015

Because Poly cannot be too active or get too excited, the “Rescue Ladies” (as they refer to themselves on Facebook) have designed Flat Poly, a printable picture of the dog that they are encouraging dog lovers to print out and take on all of the adventures that the real version can’t experience.

You can print out your own version of Poly to take on the adventures that she's too sick to enjoy. Via Flat Poly

You can print out your own version of Poly to take on the adventures that she’s too sick to enjoy. Via Flat Poly

Oh Poly, you make our hearts hurt, too.

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