Blind Dog And His Canine Guide Find Their Forever Family

After being abandoned, blind Jack Russell, Glenn, and his Staffordshire Bull Terrier guide/friend, Buzz, have found a new home — together, as planned.

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Mission accomplished! Glenn and Buzz will remain together forever. Via Stray Aid/Facebook

After some uncertainty as to whether they would remain an inseparable duo, two British, “ride or die” furry BFFs have found a new home that allows them to continue their life as it always has been… together.

The world first heard about Glenn, a blind Jack Russell, and his best friend/guide dog, Buzz, when someone left the two homeless in a sea tunnel in Hartlepool, a coastal town in North East England. Nearby rescue agency Stray Aid took care of the dogs, determined to keep the two together.

After fielding adoption queries from the United States, Canada, South America and even Australia, the organization’s hard work paid off, reports the Mirror. The best friends are now in their new home (somewhere in the United Kingdom), and reportedly, it was love at first sight between all.

Glenn and Buzz wait for their new owners (right) and reportedly it was worth the wait! Via Facebook

Glenn and Buzz wait for their new owners (right), and reportedly it was worth the wait! Via Stray Aid/Facebook

“Buzz and Glenn have won the hearts of everyone here at Stray Aid and seeing them going off to start their new life was emotional,” Stray Aid trustee Susan Critchlow told the Mirror. “We’re sorry to see the dogs go, but delighted to have found them such a loving and supportive new home.”

Glenn and Buzz, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, are thought to be between nine and 10 years of age who’ve always lived together. Stray Aid workers said they noticed how close the cute canines were — Buzz acting as Glenn’s guide dog, helping him get to his food and steering him in the right direction.

Fur-ever friends never stray from each other, say rescue agency Stray Aid. Via Facebook

These fur-ever friends never stray from each other, according to rescue agency Stray Aid. Via Stray Aid/Facebook

Glenn reportedly has a degenerative eye condition, causing him to gradually become blind since birth. Stray Aid staff watched Buzz act as Glenn’s “guardian and guide dog” and how the two pups became distressed when apart for even a few minutes.

“We wish them and their owners many years of happiness together,” Critchlow said.

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