Blind Cat Siblings Couldn’t Bear To Be Apart So Someone Adopted All Three

Older Tabby brother Blue cried when separated from sisters Meadow and Little Willow so they were reunited.

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Three cat siblings act like every other cat out there despite being blind. Via Three Blind Cats/Facebook
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Three cats who grew up together jointly learned to navigate their world. This became more important when the three siblings suffered blindness as the result of sickness.

Now, after being separated for a brief time, the three cats are under one roof, thanks to a compassionate owner, reports Bored Panda.

In December 2014, the trio was found at an abandoned warehouse in Dubai, where they’d been blinded after the siblings’ cat flu had gone untreated. A foster home took them in as one unit but that changed, marking a brief break in the siblings’ bond.

These sweet siblings couldn't bear being apart. Via Bored Panda

These sweet siblings couldn’t bear being apart. Via Three Blind Cats/Facebook

Oldest brother Blue went to live in a separate home for a while. He was nearly adopted but the sweet cat appeared confused and disoriented without his sisters; he cried all night while searching for them.

He went back to the foster home with his sisters Meadow and Little Willow, to his relief. To greater relief, they were all taken in by one owner in February 2015.

Yep, they look like your average, adorable cats. Via Bored Panda

Yep, they look like your average, adorable cats. Via Bored Panda

The new owner, Catherine Mango, first worried about having blind cats. Soon, however, her opinion changed.

“The only adjustment early on was keeping everything where it was but they are remarkably adaptive,” Mango told Bored Panda. “Blind pets see through their hearts.”

That’s something that everyone can see.

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