Blind Cat Sends ‘I Can Do Anything’ Message To Online Followers

Via Facebook and Instagram, the Chicago-based cat shows being blind won’t keep her down.

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The eyes behind Rey’s glasses are gone, but that doesn’t stop her from doing anything she sets her mind to. Via ReyTheKitten/Instagram

Rey and her sister, Leia, are pretty much your typical kitten siblings.

They play together, roughhouse when you least want them to, sleep whenever and wherever it pleases them and make for adorable social media photos.

What’s different about the adorable kitties is one of them was born blind — but unless you looked closely, you’d never know.

Rey, a Chicago native, was adopted with Leia last November by Alex (who asked we use his first name only). He found the duo at an agency in the city’s suburbs, and the fact that Rey’s medical records said she’d had an operation to close her eye sockets to prevent the possibility of future infections, Alex didn’t think twice about taking the visually-challenged feline into his home.

“I love cats and was planning on moving into my own place soon after … I thought having some companions would be helpful for me,” Alex told “I was also very curious about how a blind cat would navigate and interact with the world. I love psychology and helping animals have great lives so I’d say those played big roles in my decision.”

And it seems Rey, who will turn 1 year old later this month, has gone above-and-beyond when she proves she can do anything her sister can. She climbs, plays with “moving light,” gets into kitty mayhem and poses for the camera with the opportunity arises.

“She does have limits, but the way she navigates definitely surprises most people who watch her,” Alex said. “She does seem pretty fearless though! She will wrestle with my roommate’s cat who is much larger than her.”

Super Rey seems to love the attention, isn’t afraid of vacuums or blow dryers and holds her own against a third, much larger cat, that lives in the home. And her dad says she’s like your typical kitty who is ready to eat in the morning — she loves to wake up Alex in the morning, climbing on him and pulling his hair.

“When she discovers something new she has to memorize where it is, how tall it is … she must have a complete map of my apartment in her head along with dimensions of most of the furniture we have here,” Alex told Petcha. “She jumps up and down from most objects in the house!”

She even plays fetch!

Alexander Speweik/ViralHog

Rey’s Facebook and Instagram pages are more than “I’m a cute cat. Follow me.” profiles. They send a message of hope and motivation that there is nothing you can’t do if you mind to it, Alex confirmed. It also has brought his pet-friendly abode much happiness.

“Rey has brought me and my two human roommates inspiration and joy that makes our apartment feel full of life,” Alex said. “The way she acts as if there is nothing wrong and she just goes about her days like any other cat.

“She has also helped me learn more about how her little mind works,” he added. “It’s amazing to watch her.”

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