Blending Ferrets

Will two young female ferrets mix well with an older solitary male ferret?

Q: Can we put our two young female ferrets with our older male ferret so they can live together? The male ferret is about 5 years old and has always lived on his own. The females are sisters and have always been together, they are 1 year old. We would like the male ferret to have company.

A: It is always worth trying to see if ferrets can live together, but your older male may be too old to enjoy the company of the female ferrets, or he may not appreciate the company because he has always lived alone.

You will know in the first couple of days if it will work out or not. The female ferrets may continue to mostly play with each other after they try to play with him and he isn’t into it, or he may show signs of stress that would require separating them. Signs of stress can include changes in feces, like runny poop; a change in eating or drinking activity; or a change in behavior, perhaps being less playful or more nervous.

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