Dog With Skin Condition Has A Face You Can’t Forget

A black Lab named Rowdy has a skin condition called vitiligo, which has left him with matching white eye patches.

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No, this dog isn't wearing a mask. Via Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

The most beautiful things in this world do not blend in — they demand your attention with their bold individuality. Rowdy is one of these beautifully unique things.

The black Labrador Retriever from Canby, Oregon, has a skin condition called vitiligo, Fox 12 Oregon reports. This condition causes loss of color in patches of the skin, and it can be found in humans — most notably, the late Michael Jackson — and animals.

Luckily, veterinarians say the condition is not threatening and they do not expect the condition to have an affect on Rowdy aside from the loss of pigmentation, according to Fox 12.

Rowdy’s signature look is so memorable, though, because his vitiligo left him with matching white patches around his eyes. The patches resemble a superhero’s mask, making the already cool Rowdy about a billion times cooler.

Because not only has this eye mask made him a local celebrity, he has also overcome some seriously crazy scenarios in his 13 years. His owners, Niki and Tim Umbenhower, told Fox 12 Oregon that Rowdy not only survived being poisoned by river water, but also being accidentally shot by police during a mistaken burglary.

So… is Rowdy ACTUALLY a superhero? Hmm…

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