Black Cat Picture Tips

Wall Street Journal, you bastion of capitalism you, you're really speaking our language with this article on taking pictures of black pets.

People with black pets, listen up. You know your cat is super cute yet when you try to show people, all you have to prove it is those monochromatic blurs on your phone. I feel your pain. I have been there.

Today, your cute cats will shine IRL and beyond. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on how to photograph black cats. In four simple steps, your phone’s black cat pictures will go from tragic to magic.

The steps go as follow:
1. Light it Right
2. Get in Tight
3. Pick a Neutral Setting
4. Tweak settings

The first couple are pretty self-explanatory. And the third. The fourth has to do with phone camera settings. The author called upon Mary Bloom, a staff photographer for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, for the tips, and Bloom suggests some tinkering for the fourth tip. In iPhones, with operating systems 8 and beyond, a simple tap on the screen in camera mode brings up lighting settings. Look for the little sunny icon, push the bar up a few notches and boom: you have a lens focused on letting in higher lighting for your black cat picture.

Do you have a black cat? Try these tips and show us your results!

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