Black Cat Interrupts Rugby Game, Becomes Subject Of Photoshop Battle

The stray cat has been spotted around Pepper Stadium for years. This is the first time it made it on the field.

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The photo that started it all.Via TheKruce/Imgur
Cari Jorgensen

A black cat ran onto the field during a National Rugby League game Sunday at Pepper Stadium in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.

The cat scampered onto the field during the second half of the Penrith Panthers match against the Cronulla Sharks. He dashed down the touch line and hurried up and over the wall before heading out.

The cat caused such a stir that the Penrith Panthers are asking fans to name the kitty. To do so, visit the Penrith Panthers website.

While this isn’t the first time a cat has interrupted a professional sporting event, the black stray may be the first to do so and wind up as the subject of an online Photoshop battle.

A picture of the cat, jokingly referred to as a little panther since he’s black and interrupted the Penrith Panthers match, was posted on Reddit by Redditor TheKruce and the Photoshopped submissions came rolling in.

1. The Cat Hurdle

It’s practice for jumping onto tall counters to snatch treats.

2. The Astro-Cat

We always knew cats were celestial beings.

3. How To Train Your Cat

Toothless might be jealous.

4. Nyan Cat Version 2.0

We’re guessing Pop-Tarts are next.

5. A Foul Cat

This may have cost the team the match.

6. Super Cat

Superheroes have never been so furry.

7. Cat In Training

It takes hard work to look like this.

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