Black Bear Falls Into Major Food Coma After Eating 20 Pounds Of Dog Food

This bear just learned what a food coma feels like after eating 20 pounds of dog food and promptly falling asleep in a backyard.

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This bear knows how to party. Via WFTV 9
Chrissa Hardy

Eating a ridiculous amount of food and promptly passing out is something most humans do on a fairly consistent basis. We’d like to say it only happens on Thanksgiving Day, but let’s be real here — this occurs way more often than once a year.

A black bear in Seminole County, Florida, now understands that same lazy euphoria, after a homeowner discovered the giant bear in her backyard after consuming a 20-pound bag of dog food, as reported by WFTV 9.

Surprisingly, the bear's feast did not include an ounce of honey. Via WFTV 9

Surprisingly, the bear’s feast did not include an ounce of honey. Via WFTV 9

The woman called her neighbor, Bob Cross, and he told WFTV 9 that the bear seemed very “human-like” while it slept, and tossed and turned several times. “(It) repositioned three or four times and stretched out. It just laid there,” he said.

Hopefully the bear’s food hangover wasn’t too painful.

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