Bizarre Scene: Cat Watches Snake Coming Out Of Toad’s Mouth

A video captures a toad eating a snake and a cat watching who must have to question everything now.

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This cat's world was turned upside-down.
Anastasia Thrift

Snakes are freaky to cats. But what about snakes with toads at the end of their bodies? Super freaks.

A video showing a cat facing a snake who is being eaten by a toad brings us in to that dynamic. Posted to YouTube by SkyNewsOfficial, it looks like a Hieronymus Bosch painting come to life. It’s some weird, wild stuff.

What is even happening here ... Via SkyNewsOfficial/YouTube

What is even happening here … Via SkyNewsOfficial/YouTube

We worried about the cat for a second — would she be in danger? — but she repeatedly goes up to the snake to tap it a bit and look deeply into the snake’s eyes, searching for the reason behind this situation.

Now, we are mostly worried about the cat psychologically. Please journal on this, cat. You need to work it out.

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