Biting Ferret And Attack Ferrets

Why would a ferret bite hard and other ferrets attack fellow ferrets?

Q: I have a ferret that bites. She has done it since we brought her home at 6 weeks old. She has a mean look in her eyes, and she bites and doesn’t let go. She even tries to grab more skin. She is now 3 years old. Is there any way to stop her from biting? I also have two ferrets that attack any ferret that is in its own cage sleeping. Why do they do this?
A: I had a ferret once that always seemed to bite, no matter what we did or how long we had her. I don’t know much about your ferret’s history, except that you have had her since she was very young. That may be part of the issue; perhaps she was removed from her littermates too young. While animals are young and living with littermates and/or their mom, they learn things like bite inhibition (how hard to bite) and what types of behavior are or are not appropriate. Your ferret might have missed out on this experience.

While I don’t hear about many ferrets having issues of “territory” (most ferrets share space very well and usually end up on top of each other) the two ferrets that attack others may feel territorial.

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