Birds Of Prey

Saw this crazy video again on TV last night. I’m wondering if that bird of prey missed lunch that day because he must have been hungry! This is  a perfect example of the unexpected that can happen anytime we take our birds outdoors.

We’ve received a couple of reader stories that are similar: bird on shoulder going for a walk and a hawk swooping down to get at it, totally unfazed by the person being there.

Years ago, I thought my cockatiel Elvis would like some time outside our patio, so my brother hung his cage from a hook below the overhang shade … we wanted to make sure no cats could get at him. So there I was about 30 minutes later, washing dishes and looking out the window, admiring Elvis. Then a flash of feathers covered the cage. It was hawk swinging on the cage trying to get to Elvis with his talons.  It didn’t seem to matter much to the hawk when I ran outside yelling at it. He didn’t even stop to look at me. Finally, my brother came running with a broom and that did the trick.

Thank goodness the cage bars were 1/4 inch because if they were any wider, I swear poor Elvis would have been a goner. Hawks don’t mess around!

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