Birds Don’t Lay Eggs

Why aren't my birds laying eggs?

Q:  I have two pairs of Senegals and two pairs of Meyer’s parrots that I have yet to be able to nest. I’ve been working on this for five years, but I won’t go through the whole history; just a brief review. I’ve read all the comments and tips (including yours from past Ask the Expert articles and from your website) and here’s where I’m at:
One problem was that the surgically sexed pair of Meyer’s parrots I bought were both females! So I DNA-sexed them and then bought two males, and DNA-sexed them myself. I put partitions up to keep them from seeing other Meyers’, and they are now bonded and compatible according to the guidelines I read from you. They feed each other and preen each other.
One pair is breeding daily but have produced no eggs. I do have some conures, which are loud, but I would think they wouldn’t breed at all if that bothered them. They are in the nest box every day, feeding each other and preening each other, and the male mounts the hen daily, but no eggs. This has been going on for about five months. It is winter time, so I thought perhaps that might spur them on but still nothing. Any ideas?

Jean Pattison explains infertility and mating problems in African greysJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

Every once in awhile I get a question I can’t answer and this is one of them. I had a male grey with four different hens. The first three, he was with for two years each. There were either no eggs or infertile eggs, although they did copulate. In my seventh year with him, he and the fourth hen produced chicks. In light of this, I have to assume they were not compatible. It may have been a case of “Love the one you’re with, if you can’t be with the one you love”.

I am sorry I can’t be of more help.

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