Birds Who Can’t Stop Kissing Each Other Basically Have Our Ideal Relationship

Watch two parakeets swap pecks on the beak in this adorable viral video.

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Anastasia Thrift

If you insist on knowing their bliss, they’ll tell you this: Their kiss is on their lists.

Two Indian Ringneck Parakeets cannot stop kissing each other in a video that’s going viral, posted by Ashley Huntley on Rumble.

Fabio and Gabriel, as the brothers born a year apart are known, ask each other “What’re ya doin’?” and exchange smooches in the clip, prompted by a voice behind the camera.

“They clearly have an amazing bond and love to share kisses with each other by actually making a kissing sound!” Huntley writes in the video description.

Oops ... Hope we're not interrupting, guys. Via Ashley Huntley/ Rumble

Oops… Hope we’re not interrupting, guys. Via Ashley Huntley/ Rumble

Sometimes a bird video can really get you through a day. Watch this one for yourself and try not to want to hug a bird afterward.

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