Birds And Fireworks

I’m gearing up for the Fourth of July, which is always a tricky occasion for bird people. Most of us can probably relate to the fact that our birds aren’t exactly themselves on this day.

I’ve shared many Fourths with the flock and have noticed that they have one of two reactions to the fireworks: eerily silent, as if trying to decipher all that raucous outside, or screeching in protest of such obtrusive sounds (ironic, isn’t it?). It’s not the main firework show down at the beach that has them going off; it’s the random pop, pop, pops that cause them to cling to the side of the cage or seek refuge in their hidey hut.

I’ve tried having them out on their T-stands so we are all in the living room together to keep them calm, but they still flutter to the ground if a firework goes off nearby. What I’ve found to be the most effective is to simply place a chair between their cages and keep them company. I cozy up to a book, and they remain relatively calm on their perches, occasionally giving me a “Did you hear that?” squawk or look when they hear a boom or pop. They really do seem to like being in their cages instead of on T-stands. And I’m sure if the could, they would pull bed covers up over their little heads. 

Check out this article on Bird Channel to see if any of these suggestions work with your flock this Fourth of July.

Have a safe – and sane – Fourth of July!

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