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Get tips on traveling with your pet bird, find a bird sitter and check out some great eco-tour destinations

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Bird Travel Dos and Don'ts

Dos and Donts – No Hassle Travel Tips Tips on short trips, long trips and airplanes.

Dos And Don’ts – Pet Bird Owner Travel Guilt If I go on a trip, will my absence be traumatic on my birds?

Dos And Donts – 10-Step Guide to Vacation Food and Water Tips for traveling and an avian travel supply list.
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Bird Zoos and Museums
Are you a bird enthusiast looking to get out and make a trip to a museum or zoo? Check out’s list of Zoos and museums with special avian exhibits.

Bird Zoos and Museums – Zoos Across America A list of zoos in the United States

Bird Zoos and Museums – Museum Exhibits A list of museums that feature bird exhibits.

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Bird Friendly Hotels and Airlines
Are you moving or planning a trip but don’t want to leave your bird at home? Check out’s list of bird-friendly hotels and airlines.

Bird-Friendly Airlines – Fly Together Carry on your bird!

Bird-Friendly Hotel – Find Accommodations For You & Your Bird Check in carefree