Bird Toy Types

There are four different bird toy types ?destructible toys, sound toys, interactive/foraging toys and exercise toys. Which one does your bird like most?

Bird toys generally fall into the following categories:

1) Destructible bird toys: These are meant to be chewed up and otherwise demolished, such as wood toys and toys with cardboard or paper parts.

2) Sound bird toys: Sound toys appeal to a parrot? vocal/communicative nature. They include toys with bells, rattles, toys that resonate against the cage when banged, squeaky toys, toys that play music or record sound, cups composed of metal, plastic or paper with resonating properties.

3) Interactive and foraging toys: These are typically constructed of indestructible or hardy materials. 

?Puzzle bird toys are designed to challenge your bird? intellect; they include nuts and bolts to undo, knots to untie, moveable elements, such as beads, or small compartments to open.

?Foraging bird toys are designed for a parrot to work at in order to extract food; giving a parrot a sense of accomplishment once it succeeds in retrieving a treat.

?Comfort bird toys are stationary toys that birds can snuggle up against, such as a plush bird placed near a favored perch. Some soft toys have preenable elements.

?Surrogate enemy bird toys are ones for your bird to beat up. Metal toys often fill the bill because they make loud sounds when bashed against the cage, bells toys also frequently get beat up and knocked about.

yellow-collared macaw with bird toy
?Mirrored bird toys or items that allow a bird to see its reflection appear to be favored by cockatiels and budgies; some birds will spend hours whistling to its reflection and prancing about .

4) Exercise toys: These toys are designed to get your bird moving.

?Swings either move front to back or side to side. Some birds prefer swinging side to side or in circles, so make sure there is plenty of room in the cage for this activity.

?Perches to grip allow your bird to vigorously flap its wings without falling off. These are typically made of rope.

?A boing is a type of spiral perch made of cotton or sisal rope that has a bounce to it.

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