Bird Toy Ideas

Try some of these homemade fun ideas

There are some amazing toys on the market, and the more elaborate types will cost you a pretty penny. If your wallet isn’t as big as your bird’s desire to play, there are a ton of household items you can use to keep your bird entertained.

  • Drill a hole in a phone book and hang it on the side of the cage using sisal twine. The ink is safe, though a little dirty.
  • Cut up a cardboard box into various shapes, poke a hole in the center of each piece, and then string them onto a piece of twine, and tie it to the cage. Be careful that the twine you use doesn’t become a noose.
  • Use a small plastic food container as a daily toy box, and fill it with plastic straws, unsalted unbuttered popcorn, popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, and plastic toys and beads. You can get a lot of great hard plastic toys at thrift shops. To make the daily filling of the toy box easy, keep a cookie jar on your kitchen counter that’s relegated to little baubles for your bird, and fill it up as you come across things that are bird-safe and fun to play with.
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