Bird-Themed Plant Containers

I have spent a lot of time at gardening and supply stores since buying a home two years ago. One thing I’ve noticed over and over is this “fairy garden” craze. You can buy fairy houses and miniature accessories and create cute miniature-themed worlds among your plants. Now, if you are more into birds than fairies — like me — you can make your own little bird-themed plant container. They are fun to have as décor on your front porch or to give to another bird lover as a present. I created two quick-and-easy container plants. One has everyone’s favorite Easter bird in it, the dove, along with a bunny. (To read more about doves, click here)

The other one has a little bird cage with two whimsical plastic parrot figurines. All I had to do was use bird figurines I already had around the house. You don’t have to worry about if the plants are poisonous to birds or not if you keep it outside on the porch. If you are creating one for indoor use, definitely refer to our poison plant list.

Unlike with birds, I am not one for memorizing the Latin or even common names for plants. It is one of these things that I promise to get better at. Therefore, in my slideshow, I don’t name the plants. If you are desperate to know the name of one, I will find out its name. Just ask for it in the comments.

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