Bird Term Of The Day: Brazil Nuts

Definitions of words used by pet bird enthusiasts with the pet bird slant.

Brazil nuts: (noun) Edible seeds of the Brazil nut tree of South America, one of the largest trees of the rain forest. Botanists actually classify it as a seed, rather than a nut. They are 13-percent carbohydrates, 18-percent protein and 69-percent fat. They can quickly become rancid due to their high-fat content. Macaws need fat in their diets at varying levels for the different species. Brazil nuts are a good source, plus they provide some work to crack them. Hyacinth macaws can have two to three daily, but you would only feed one per day or only on occasion to some of the other macaws. Check with your avian veterinarian.

Watch Sherman, a hyacinth macaw, dancing!

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