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BIRD TALK’s Top Bird Vets

Find out who you nominated as a Top Bird Vet

Find out who you nominated as a Top Bird Vet

Bird Talk magazineIn celebration of BIRD TALK magazine’s 25th anniversary, we asked bird owners to nominate their favorite bird vets for our Top Bird Vet List.

Kitty Remington, DVM

Animal Health Clinic At Northhampton
2910 Kerry Forest Pkwy # 12
Tallahassee, Florida
(850) 668-8031

Larry Nemetz, DVM

The Bird Clinic
200 South Tustin Street
Suite E
Orange, California
(714) 633-2910

James McKinley, DVM, Dipl. ABVP

Amwell Bird Hospital and Bird Pet Shop
49 East Mountain Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
(908) 369-7373

Greg Burkett, DVM, Dipl. ABVP

The Birdie Boutique Avian Veterinary Services Clinic
3039 University Dr
Durham, North Carolina
(919) 490-3001

Scott E. McDonald, DVM

Avian Laparoscopy Mobile Veterinary Clinic
18 Waverly Ave
Clarendon Hills, Illinois
(630) 654-3580

Timothy S. England, DVM

Crossroads Animal Hospital
3232 N. Dettman Rd.
Jackson, Michigan
(517) 784-1111

Jill Patt, DVM

Alta Mesa Animal Hospital
6704 E. Brown Rd.
Mesa, Arizona
(480) 981-1244

Donald Zantop, DVM

Fallston Veterinary Clinic
2615 Belair Road
Fallston, Maryland
(410) 877-1727

Lauren Powers, DVM

Carolina Veterinary Specialist Medical Center
Huntersville Specialty and Emergency Hospital
Animal Emergency & Trauma Center
2117 Statesville Road
Huntersville, North Carolina
(704) 949-1100
(704) 949-1101 [Fax]

Jerry LaBonde, MS, DVM

Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital
6900 South Holly Circle
Englewood, Colorado
(303) 290-8233

Richard Hillmer, DVM
Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic & Bird Hospital
1212 Wallace Rd NW
Salem, Oregon
(503) 581-8161

Jenni Geisler, DVM
Ard-Vista Animal Hospital
527 S Stratford Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
(336) 765-3070

*Thank you to everyone that nominated their top bird vet for our BIRD TALK Top Bird Vet list*

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