BIRD TALK Magazine’s Top Bird Food Recipe Cookbook

Bird Talk readers share their bird's favorite bird food recipes

Bird Talk magazine, bird food recipeIn celebration of BIRD TALK magazine’s 25th anniversary, we asked bird owners to share their top bird food recipes. Give your bird a special treat and make one of them today.

Top Bird Food Recipe Index

Top Bird Food Recipe: Kitchen Sink
Submitted by Monica McCutcheon Clubb of Nevada

Top Bird Food Recipe: Chopper Salad
Submitted by Kelly Carman of New York

Top Bird Food Recipe: Feather Friend Smoothie
Submitted by Robin Mari of Pennsylvania

Top Bird Food Recipe: Benner’s Stuffed Peppers
Submitted by Russel T. Benner of Florida

Top Bird Food Recipe: Parker’s Potpourri
Submitted by Patricia Sund of Florida

Top Bird Food Recipe: Kathy’s Sweet Potato Smash
Submitted by Kathy Venn of Minnesota

Top Bird Food Recipe: Warm Food for Birds
Submitted by Jean Lunsford of Alabama

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