BIRD TALK Annual Magazine Hits Stands in 2013

The popular annual magazine, Birds USA, returns with a new title and renewed focus in 2013.

Two of the most popular pet bird publications on the market, Birds USA and BIRD TALK have cleverly combined forces to become the BIRD TALK Annual. With a new title, updated features and a renewed focus, the reenergized BIRD TALK Annual launches toward newsstands on January 29, 2013.

No longer just a guide book for novice bird owners, BIRD TALK Annual? new vision is geared toward informing and entertaining bird enthusiasts of all ages and at every experience level.

?y taking the best features from Birds USA and BIRD TALK and blending them with advanced and current content, I believe we?e succeeded in creating a unique annual that will be appreciated by bird lovers at every level,?said Senior Associate Editor Jessica Pineda.

Articles and topics featured in the new issue of BIRD TALK Annual include:

  • Bird Cage Makeovers
  • Your Bird? Relationship With Food
  • Do? & Don?s at the Vet? Office
  • Bird Grooming
  • Top 5 Behaviors to Train & To Avoid
  • Stationing & Target Training Your Bird
  • Update on Bird Diseases
  • Independent Play
  • Bird Toy Chart
  • Memo to Parker & Pepper
  • Profiles of the Top 10 Bird Species
  • Directory of Avian Club, Organizations and Vets
  • Photo Contest
  • Bird Show Calendar

While fan favorites remain, such as species profiles, up-to-date directories and the always entertaining photo contest, the new BIRD TALK Annual extends into every aspect of bird ownership. With expert information and updated news on housing, diet and training, BIRD TALK Annual proves to be the essential guide in creating a healthy, happy home for companion birds and the people who love them.

?e are so excited for the fans of BIRD TALK,?added Pineda. ?he new BIRD TALK Annual is informative, entertaining, visually stunning and just an overall fun magazine. We are really proud of the work we?e done and can? wait for fans to see the improvements made to this beloved publication.?lt;/p>

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