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African Grey Parrots
Considered the Einsteins of the parrot world, African grey parrots are one of the most popular pet birds. Native to Africa, there are two species of African greys: the Congo African grey (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) and the timneh African grey (Psittacus erithacus timneh). The Congo African grey is the larger of the two species, with light gray feathers, black beak and a red tail. The timneh African grey is smaller, with dark gray feathers and a maroon tail. While Congo African greys are more popular than timneh African greys, owners praise both for their intelligence and mimicking capabilities. Read more about African greys here.

One of the most popular pet birds, cockatiels live up to their reputation as a friendly pet bird. Native to Australia, cockatiels are considered the best pet birds for young and old. Male cockatiels are known for their whistling capabilities, and both male and female cockatiels love to cuddle and hang out on your shoulder. There are several color mutations of cockatiels, including: normal grey, pied, pearl, lutino, albino and mutation variations (e.g., pearl-pied mutation). Read more about cockatiels here.
Conures are medium-sized parrots that bring the tropics to mind when you see their range of vivid colors. Native to South America, there are severa genera of conures, but the ones most often seen as pets are the Pyrrhura conures and the Aratinga conures. From the Pyrrhuragenera, the most popular conure is the green-cheeked conure. Feisty, clever and generally quieter than an Aratinga conure, the green-cheeked conure is roughly the size of a cockatiel. While not known for its talking ability, the green-cheeked conure, as well as other Pyrrhuraconures, is playful and a great pet birds for the family.

On the Aratinga side (Latin for “little macaw), the most popular pet conure is the sun conure and it shares many characteristics with its macaw cousins, mostly their vivid colors and noise levels. Other popularAratinga conures are jenday conures and nanday conures. Aratinga conures can be very loud but, like the green-cheeked conure, they make great pets for families. Read more about conures her