Bird-Safe Valentine’s Day Tips

Keep your birds safe this Valentine's day with these tips.

Europeans once believed that birds chose their mates on Valentine’s Day, and so it became customary for boys and girls to do the same, giving gifts to their valentines. Today, we continue the tradition by giving cards and special treats to those who are dear to us  … who aren’t always people! They are also our beloved birds, which are able to join in on the festivities if the right precautions are taken! Keep your birds happy and healthy with these bird-safe Valentine’s Day tips.

  1. Keep your bird away from the roses. While roses are safe for birds to eat, pesticides typically sprayed on commercial roses are not. Most roses shipped from florists are chemical treated. If your bird insists on sampling, offer it untreated, bird-safe flowers instead.
  2. Light bird-safe candles only. If you want to burn candles, keep them away from your bird’s cage. Some candles have wicks containing lead and other heavy metals in them and, when burned, it could cause heavy-metal poisoning. Birds are also sensitive to toxins in the air, so don’t spray new perfume around them. Be safe, and keep your bird’s air clean.
  3. Chocolates are for people only! Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to birds. It’s one of the many off-limit foods for birds, as well as alcohol, so no night caps for your bird either! Instead, offer your bird its favorite treat. Or try something new! Bake birdie bread or make your bird a fun food toy.

Follow these tips to have a fun, bird-safe Valentine’s day!

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